Our Process

Through the hundreds of amazing projects, hundreds of awesome people and happy clients – we’ve continually tweaked our systems and processes to where they are today. We’ve made great effort to maintain the edge we have today and have developed the following process as a result.


The most important step in the entire process – getting to know you and your business. The more we know about your business and how it operates, your goals for that business, and what pain points you’re currently experiencing – the better we can design and develop a solution that will move your business forward for the foreseeable future.

We’ll dive deep into your daily operations and see how your team currently uses your online pieces. We’ll look at your competitors and research what they are doing well and where they’re not. The goal here is to identify your goals, identify pain points, capitalize on good things competitors are doing, and crush the competition where they are falling short.

During research, we’ll provide onboarding documents that help us get an initial design direction. We’ll have a kickoff call to go over the design questionnaire and take that info, along with our research to begin design.


Once we’re armed with our research – it’s time to take all that data and create an effective plan for your project. We’ll established the overall goal of your website and then block out individual goals on a page per page basis – and then take that a step further by planning out the key influences each piece of content must invoke to get the user (your customer) to reach that goal.

We’ll put together wiremaps that focus on the idea and logic of each page – what pieces go where – before we begin design. Once the content pieces are in place and the functions (if any) of those pieces are identified – we’ll start prototyping how your pages will look.


The fun part that we ALL LOVE – design! This is where our talented designers will breath life into all that research, strategy, and wireframes to create stunning and visually compelling creations that tell your brand’s story.

We’ll go through several iterations on page design until your 100% satisfied with the overall look and feel. All of this, of course, is created with superior UX/UI design fundamentals in place. We’ll test iterations with focus groups and your feedback until the final result is a super polished, gorgeous digital work of art that we’re proud of and converts your users into customers.


Our developers will take the approved designs from the previous phase and build each page out on our sandbox servers. We’ll implement any necessary integrations, custom functionality, cart features, etc. You’ll review how the site will look and behave across multiple devices – Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

Once the site is developed, 3rd party integrations implemented, and responsive front end in place – we’ll go through our thorough QA pre-launch checklist to ensure everything is completed and a successful launch is imminent!

At this point in the project we’ll do a ‘final’ review and discuss a date to take your beautiful new site live!


We’ll migrate the staging site from our servers to the live environment, hook up your domain, make sure your emails and analytics are functioning properly, and hand over the keys to the kingdom!

There’s a courtesy 2 week post-launch QA timeline where we will be on hand to address any (unlikely, but all launches, servers, and platforms are different) issues should they arise.

Documentation and training we’ll be provided so that your left with a business tool that you are super comfortable with and empowered to use!